Why N1?

Why Nobile N1?

Why Nobile N1? The Svalbart Islands brand, which is intrinsically linked to the Norwegian islands of the same name, has chosen to pay homage to a charismatic pioneer by dedicating its most representative item to Umberto Nobile. Do you know who Umberto Nobile was? He was a great celebrity of Italian aviation, a general, an explorer and engineer who represented Italy on an important expedition. It was on 12 May 1926 when Nobile, together with Amundsen and Ellsworth, travelled on board the first airship to fly over the North Pole. This semi-rigid airship was built in Italy by the engineer Nobile himself and was named Norge (N1).

Jacket for urban and outdoor environment

Why Nobile N1 as the name for a practical and modern technical-sports item? This iconic jacket from the Svalbard Islands brand expresses concepts such as adventure, exploration, technology, extreme conditions and finding one’s limits. It is a perfect item for both urban and outdoor environments in any type of weather. One of its many innovative hi-tech accessories is a multimedia pocket made of Tecnostan fabric, which reduces electromagnetic radiation towards the body by 60%. Nobile N1 provides perfect cover even in icy conditions, guaranteeing the wellbeing and safety of those who wear it. Comfortable and practical, the jacket keeps devices such as a smartphone and smartwatch protected and shielded from the elements and at a constant temperature, to prevent the batteries from discharging too quickly and prolong their use.

Features & Benefits

Multimedia Tecnostan Pocket

Special fabric composition: Silver, Copper, Carpholite

Reduce radiation emitted from your mobilephone (up to -60% v/m at 1,8 GHz; CNR certification n°0002619\2014).

TRS zipper

Thermo Regulation Slides

Prevent freezing and regulate body temperature.

Ballonett Pocket

Water-resistant nylon hidden pocket

You can store bulky and wet objects and keep your hands free.


Real Down padding

Thermal insulation up to -22c° (DIA NLP cruelty free certification n°17017\2017).

Oblò Smartwatch Porthole

PVC Touch sensitive film

Protects your smartwatch against water, snow, low temperature and prevents you from getting cold.

Outer Shell in EVS Tech fabric

PVC coated Taslan fabric, hydraulically spinned yarn

Water, wind, snow and stain resistant; colour fastness 4°; water repellency 3°; washing at 40 C°.

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