The Svalbard Islands and respect for the environment

On the Svalbard Islands respect for the environment is a serious matter. In this isolated corner of Earth, the future is being protected, battling for all humanity.

The effects of climate change and the protection of animals

Over the past twenty years, the Arctic region has slowly undergone changes that are today causing devastating effects: we see this in the soil, in the water and even in the air. Unfortunately, these effects have serious consequences even on animal protection. Global warming is causing the permafrost to thaw and sea ice to shrink. This means that, for many native species, continuing to live in what was once their natural habitat has become almost impossible. There are many animals at risk because they form an unbreakable food chain, but the animals worrying scientists the most are polar bears. Several recent studies suggest that in thirty years they could be on the verge of extinction. Will it be possible to reverse the change by paying greater attention and having true respect for the environment? In the meantime, bear hunting on the Svalbard Islands has been halted, but this is just one of a series of necessary measures.

Safeguarding agricultural biodiversity

The concept of extinction is unfortunately not only linked to the animal world, but also the plant world: many plant species today on Earth risk disappearing for ever. In 2008 the Svalbard Global Seed Vault was inaugurated to store seeds and preserve agricultural biodiversity. It is a breathtaking construction that rises up from the snow drifts, which was designed to withstand any global disaster and last for thousands of years.

Even the Svalbard Islands are concerned about the destiny of the ecosystem, and this is why we support sustainable fashion and reject so-called fast fashion, the impact of which has disastrous effects on our environment. The use of robust materials that stand the test of time means saving energy, something we must all aim for.

Mass tourism yes, but with respect for the environment

Whoever loves nature must protect it. Even on holiday we shouldn’t forget to respect the environment. Even though their distance from the mainland prevents the Svalbard Islands from being a destination of mass tourism, many adventurers choose this area as a dream destination. For this reason, many projects have been developed to promote sustainable tourism, which foster a successful economy while focussing on social and environmental aspects.

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