The Midnight Sun in Norway

Norway is a small paradise where unspoilt nature still manages to enchant the most travelled tourist. There are so many reasons to visit this magical land: some people even prefer to experience the cold temperatures of the north. If, instead, the thrill of seeing the midnight sun in Norway interests you more, we’ll show you where and when to grab your backpack and set off.

What to see in Norway, including coloured houses, ice-covered fjords and trains heading to the North Cape

Norway is a much larger country and with greater variety than you can possibly imagine. How can you choose just one destination when you have the metropolitan bustle of Oslo, picturesque fishermen’s villages along the fjords wedged between the Lofoten islands and the fairy-tale, coloured wooden houses of Bergen? We really can’t choose just one thing to see in Norway. We recommend, therefore, staying at least two weeks to fully enjoy the best that this destination has to offer.

The midnight sun in Norway: the best period to enjoy this unique experience in the Svalbard Islands

Imagine the sky traversed by a fiery light that changes from violet to red and then orange. This is the sun, clearly visible above the horizon, a sun that never sets, undecided whether to be an endless sunset or an eternal sunrise. There are no words to describe such a breathtaking phenomenon as the midnight sun in Norway. The best time of the year to experience it first hand is between May and July. The perfect place? The Svalbard Islands, an unspoilt land of white glaciers and snow enlivened by extraordinary tones. Depending on the latitude in which you find yourself, you could swim at midnight, be pulled on a sled by dogs, watch the sky with its “painted” hues or make an unforgettable trip to a glacier.

Would you like to experience the true magic of the fjords? Try a kayak with pedals

We’d like to give you another suggestion if you would like to explore the deep Norwegian fjords: a tour in a kayak with pedals. By navigating the crystal-clear waters of these small channels, you can discover a special landscape interspersed with imposing mountains and deserted beaches.

A place of this kind, however, needs the right equipment for exploring without holding back: Svalbard Islands guarantees resistant clothing with low environmental impact, ideal for accompanying fearless men on their adventures, as in everyday life.

When it’s time to leave, don’t miss the opportunity to feel the midnight sun of Norway on your skin: the sun and the Svalbard Islands are waiting for you!

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