The fjords, what they are and where to see the most beautiful ones

A long inlet which cuts into the coastline, sometimes even covering a considerable number of square kilometres. Here is a brief introduction to fjords, that will explain what they are and where to find them: we are here to make you want to see them with your own eyes and experience them first-hand. Whether it is from a boat, on a train or more comfortably by car.

A natural spectacle: the Sognefjiord and how to get there

You can’t talk about Norway without mentioning the fjords. To be honest, in order to understand what they are and why you should see them, all you need to do is look at a photograph. The Sognefjord is the longest and deepest in the region. It stretches from the coastal area to the north of Bergen, right up to the majestic mountains of the National park of Jotunheimen. The most spectacular and deepest section, known as Nærøyfjorden, has recently been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is fairly easy to reach either on your own or as part of a guided tour. The beauty of this area is further enriched by the small villages dotted along the coastlines, and the many excursion trails which lead both into the mountains and onto the glaciers.

Seven is a lucky number according to the Seven Sisters Waterfall

There are seven musical notes, and seven colours in a rainbow. But this number is made even more magical by the Seven Sisters Waterfall in Norway. If you are wondering what makes fjords so special, you have probably never seen this particular natural wonder. It is a spectacular waterfall divided into seven individual streams through the rock. If you come here on a sunny day, you will be dazzled by a play of colour which seems to make the entire area sparkle. We are sure you will fall in love, but we also want you to stay dry. That’s why we advise you to visit these lands in our Nobile N1 jacket, which will protect you from the splashing waters and freezing gusts of wind.

A boat trip to see the Trollfjord

If you love fishing, a trip along the Trollfjord, a breathtaking steep and narrow fjord that is 100 m across in points, is impossible to resist. The Trollfjord has also been nicknamed Lofoten’s little Hawaii due to its highly-varied emerald green fauna surrounded by majestic grey mountains which loom over the coast with beautiful sandy beaches. Here you may come face to face with a wide range of marine birds, seals and whales.

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