Parkour: sport or lifestyle?

The term “parkour” is derived from the French word “parcour”, meaning course.

Some even prefer to call this sport “the art of movement” in which no obstacle is impossible. But what are we actually talking about when we say parkour? There are two or three things about this urban sport par excellence that we at Svalbard Islands can tell you.

The king of extreme sports

Jumping, running, somersaulting and climbing: parkour involves exhilarating acrobatics. For this reason it is considered to be one of the most complete extreme sports.

Experts recommend making sure you are physically prepared before beginning this activity. It is absolutely essential to have excellent strength and the appropriate mental awareness before confronting an obstacle. Only then will you be able to tackle it without uncertainty.

The best parkour training

Legend has it that parkour was developed from the military training used to prepare soldiers for the obstacles they might find along their way. Still today parkour training is based on considerable physical exertion, which is essential for reaching the right level of agility and increasing self-awareness of your potential in an urban context. After all, David Belle, considered one of the pioneers of the sport, doesn’t believe “that any particular background is necessary for beginning parkour: the aim is to reawaken the innate abilities we tend to forget and stop developing.”

The most suitable clothing for parkour

To practise parkour you’ll need physical strength and concentration, but you must also equip yourself with: running shoes, tracksuit or jacket without restrictive sleeves, for example. You should also take care to choose the right materials and fabrics. If you have any doubts, you don’t know how to choose the most suitable clothing for parkour, or you need some suggestions, you can always rely on the advice of Svalbard Islands.

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