The Nobile N1 jacket

Nobile N1 from the Svalbart Islands brand is a sports jacket made of technological fabrics and materials.
The “EVS Tech – Extreme Venture Survivor Technology” fabric, which distinguishes the item, is water repellent. This jacket for adventure, padded with Duvet, features a series of hi-tech finishes, such as an internal multimedia pocket made of TecnostanÒ with hole for headphones, the “Porthole”, a transparent window with touch film for activating a smart watch, and the “Ballonett”, a water-resistant, rear outer pocket with ergonomic zipper. The jacket is also equipped with two side zips, the ‘TRS’ – Thermo regulation slides.

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Nobile N1: technical features

The Nobile N1 EVS jacket is smart and technological, practical, versatile and sturdy; it has numerous accessories and gadgets that ensure greater comfort and allow us to easily use our technological devices.


The outer EVS Tech fabric protects against water, snow, stains, low temperatures and wind.

The inner multimedia pocket, which is made of Tecnostan®, protects the body from telephone radiation, reducing it by up to 60%.

Padding in Duvet

TRS, the Termo Regulation Slide zippers, are breathable, and so increase dehumidification; they also prevent the risk of freezing.

Ballonett: Water-resistant nylon hidden pocket for the storage of bulky and wet objects.

The “Porthole” window for smartwatches on the left wrist allows immediate access to your device and with its touch technology keeps your smartwatch dry and prolongs the life of the battery.


Umberto Nobile

Why Nobile N1? Do you know the story behind the showpiece of the Svalbart Islands collections? Get ready for an adventurous trip into the past.

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Zero-waste item

The Nobile N1 jacket is provided with a booklet of instructions for use and maintenance. It has a 12 month warranty for the water-repellency of the external shell, “Porthole” and TRS zips. It can also be reconditioned, a service that includes a waterproof treatment of the outer shell, replacement of the “Porthole”, ‘TRS’ zips and cleaning of the garment. The customer can go to any Svalbard Islands sales point with their warranty booklet signed and stamped and stapled with the receipt; our company will take the zero-waste item and repair it within 4 weeks, delivering it back to the shop, which will contact the customer.
By re-using a kg of clothing, the following are reduced*:

  • 3.6 kg CO2 emissions;
  • 6,000 litres of water ;
  • di 0.3 kg of fertilisers ;
  • 0.2 kg of pesticides



Manutenzione e garanzia Nobile N1

The Nobile N1 jacket is accompanied by an instruction booklet that provides a 12-month warranty for: water repellence of the outer shell and the “Porthole”, and TRS zip function. A claim can be made online or at the sales point where the jacket was purchased.

To make a claim on your Nobile N1, you should go to your Svalbard Islands reseller with the warranty booklet signed and stamped, together with your purchase receipt!

Outside the warranty period, you can still bring in your Nobile N1 for repairs or treatments! Various solutions are available online for customers who purchase the Nobile N1: water-resistant treatment of the outer shell, professional cleaning, replacement of the “Porthole”, replacement of the TRS zips.

Reconditioning will take about four weeks: you’ll be informed once the repair has been carried out and you can choose to collect the jacket from the store or have it delivered to your home.

Garanzia di 12 mesi

Per idrorepellenza guscio esterno Zip TRS


Trattamento anti-acqua guscio esterno
Sostituzione Oblò
Sostituzione Zip TRS

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