Nobile N1 jacket: how we chose Crowdfunding in 3 steps

We have recently launched two crowdfunding campaigns, on Eppela and Kickstarter respectively, two of the best-known platforms in Italy and the United States, so that we can achieve our dream of producing the innovative Svalbard Islands Nobile N1 jacket, an item that will revolutionise our way of enjoying the outdoors.

The campaigns, both of which will last 40 days, have the aim of raising funds according to a reward-based model, allowing us to produce and promptly deliver for next winter season this sports jacket with perfect fit and a myriad of innovative technical accessories.

How did we navigate our way through the maze of information on crowdfunding available today? This is how:

  1. Choosing the type of crowdfunding. The different crowdfunding models existing today are: donation based, reward based, lending based and equity based. The reward-based model convinced us the most because we want to reward our donors for the trust they put in us and involve them in the project in a more tangible way.
  1. Selecting the platform: we chose the platforms partly based on the market in which we would like to sell our jacket. We also looked into the number of projects funded on the various platforms and their success in terms of the amount of funds raised. This is why for Svalbard Islands Nobile N1 we chose Eppela – Italy and Kickstarter – USA.
  1. Promoting the project on the platform: we prepared a large amount of material following the instructions of the respective sites, so that we could explain the reasons for our initiative and describe in detail all the features of the Svalbard Islands Nobile N1 jacket. 

You decide… and support us in raising the funds necessary for realising our dream by clicking here! You’ll be surprised and happy with the Nobile N1 jacket, a perfect item for both urban and outdoor environments that protects against adverse weather and even electro smog.

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