The importance of choosing sustainable fashion

We are increasingly talking about respect for the environment, even when it comes to clothing. Taking care of the Earth and being able to listen to nature’s signs are fundamental pillars on which we should build our future. Svalbard Islands expresses its love for the environment, offering sustainable fashion with items of clothing that withstand time and adverse weather, thanks to research into innovative and high-quality materials.

Low-cost clothing and the consequences of fast fashion on the environment

It would be nice to be able to put a stop to waste. But to make this philosophy a way of life, we need to start with the little things; first of all, by saying no to cheap clothing. We need to realise that “hit and run” fashion, made up of very cheap garments, which may be on trend but impossible to wear for more than one season, involves very high social and environmental costs. On the contrary, relying on a brand that supports sustainable fashion and is a promoter of no-waste items – like the Nobile N1 jacket – is a choice of great responsibility towards ourselves and that which surrounds us.

What does “ethical fashion” mean?

To be defined as such, ethical fashion must be responsible. This means having at its core, the fate of an area and the people who live within it. For this to be possible, a lower production of fabrics is necessary, with a consequent reduction in excess and waste. All this translates into a lower burden for the environment and an improvement in the living conditions of its inhabitants. Therefore, we should favour high-quality, hi-tech fabrics and materials that are designed to be resistant. In the long run, your wallet will thank you, and so will the environment.

Innovation gives environmental impact a helping hand

Respecting nature and buying clothing with low environmental impact is a goal, the same goal that Svalbard Islands is striving for. The company is committed to innovation because it is aware that certain fabrics will be able to accompany you in every moment of your life, regardless of the climatic conditions, whether that be a daring adventure or a simple walk in the city. Svalbard Islands guarantees quality while contributing to safeguarding your future. A small investment for a long-term period.

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