How to prepare for climbing a mountain

Overcoming limitations and succeeding in climbing the mountain. This is what we think of when we talk about free climbing. But does the art of climbing really only come down to this? It’s impossible to capture its beauty without also mentioning harmony, passion and control of emotions.

Mountaineering can be considered an extreme sport

Climbing a mountain is an act of self-awareness that each of us should perform at least once in our life: the words of a mountaineer. It is not only a matter of physical strength, but also a mental exercise to overcome one’s limits and succeed in combatting any insecurities you carry within. This is why free climbing deserves to appear on the list of the world’s most extreme adrenaline sports. In any case, it is certainly not the only extreme sport that takes place in the mountains: kayaking, hang-gliding and base jumping will all get your heart pounding.

Some advice on climbing training

“Climbing” means mastering technique, experience and strength with awareness. Beginners often believe that the best climbing training is focused on strengthening arms, hands and fingers. It is necessary, of course, to strengthen these types of muscles to move more easily over the rocks, but, don’t neglect the rest of your body. Do you know how experts train before climbing a mountain? By practicing yoga to relax their minds as well as their muscles.

Guide to buying equipment for mountaineering and much more

It’s clear that climbing a mountain requires equipment for mountaineering. This can be made up of a few simple things that are carefully chosen and used with awareness: it is essential to know how select the perfect ropes, harnesses and carabiners. We at Svalbard Islands will be able to advise you on even these. Fully aware that we are the meeting point between sport and urban style, we are able to combine the high quality of materials with the refined elegance of fabrics and patterns in a single garment, made all the more exclusive by the harmonious bond between performance and taste.

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