How to get to the Svalbard Islands

Have you chosen the Svalbard Islands as the destination for your next trip? Getting there is no longer a mystery that only a few know the answer to, even though it is not somewhere you can reach as immediately as a lot of other places. If you take a world map and try and look for them, it will seem that you are practically looking at nothing. They are right at the top, a little above Iceland, and just a short distance below the North Pole.


Longyearbyen is not the only destination in the Svalbard Islands

Most tourists make an initial stop in Oslo before reaching the Svalbard Islands. How to get to Longyearbyen? There are two main options to consider. The first is a domestic flight with the national airlines SAS or Norwegian. Otherwise, for the more adventurous, there is also an alternative by sea. It is possible to take a cruise to the Svalbard Islands from Tromso. Remember that when we talk of the Svalbard Islands, we are referring to an archipelago made up of various islands and islets. Of course, the largest is Spitsbergen, but we should not forget that there are another two residential areas, each with their own characteristics and particularities. Barentsburg and Pyramiden are two villages predominantly inhabited by Russians and Ukrainians. Despite the fact that they are part of the Kingdom of Norway, the lifestyle and the language spoken here is entirely Soviet.


What kind of weather can you expect in the Svalbard Islands?

It is mostly very windy. This is, in fact, the meeting point between two different climates: the sub-Arctic climate which reaches the Western coast, and the Arctic climate which is typical of the North-West area. From a weather point of view, the Svalbard Islands are essentially characterised by unpredictable weather which has only one constant feature: sub-zero temperatures all year round and a guarantee of ice in the winter. The lowest ever temperature recorded in Longyearbyen is -45°. The Svalbard Islands are by no means an easy place to be. How to get there and feel protected against all adversities? We recommend that you always have the right clothes, something that is good quality and waterproof, such as our Svalbard Islands Nobile 1 jacket made with high-tech fabrics.


When is the period of the midnight sun in the Svalbard Islands?

This is a question that the people of Norway are often asked by tourists from all over the world in different levels of English but with an irrepressible desire to see this natural phenomenon which accentuates colours and lengthens the shadows. The Svalbard Islands are the place where the midnight sun occurs for the longest period. From April to the end of June, the sun never sets on these lands. We are willing to bet that after having seen just one photograph of this natural wonder, you will be trying to find out “how to get to the Svalbard islands”.

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