How to dress and equip yourself in polar environments

Polar environments, thanks to the beauty of the unique landscape and the particular features of the fauna, have always captured the imagination of adventurers and tourists worldwide who, year after year, decide to visit these places to spend a truly unforgettable time.

Polar environments offer the possibility of coming into contact with pristine nature where tundra and taiga in winter are continuously covered in snow and in summer bloom with rare flowers and herbs.

The possibility of seeing green colours slowly take the place of the enchanting white mantle that distinguishes the poles should not, however, deceive us: even if there is continuous sunlight in the summer months, the midnight sun has little effect on the thermometer.

Temperatures at the North Pole

On average, in fact, temperatures at the North Pole in winter are usually around 40 °C below zero, reaching peaks that, even with global warming, rarely exceed 10 °C below zero.

Summer is truly short and, as previously mentioned, even here brings a small increase in temperature which, however, remains extremely low and oscillates continuous between -10 °C at night and 10 °C during the day.

In areas with a cold climate, and particularly at the Poles, the yearly temperature range changes significantly and, in regions with the coldest temperatures easily reaches -40 °C.

Thermal clothing, but with undisputed style

It is precisely due to this climate that it is essential to be equipped with professional thermal clothing for a trip to the North Pole, to face the very low temperatures in a way that is totally safe for health.

Svalbard Islands, a company producing thermal clothing for men which takes its name from the famous Norwegian archipelago that skirts the Arctic Circle, has developed a garment, the Nobile N1 jacket, that combines the high quality of technical fabrics with an optimal level of comfort and attention to some technical features.

The right equipment for a trip to the Svalbard Islands

To visit these splendid arctic regions with peace of mind, it is important to remember that in addition to thermal clothing, it is also useful to count on the right polar equipment.

Must-have items for your waterproof backpack include sleeping bag, aluminium space blankets, hiking boots and snow gloves, torch, utility knife, binoculars, mask to protect face and eyes, sun cream, rubber boots, snow shoes and ice axe. Last but not least, do not ever venture without licensed local guides to get the most out of your excursion.

By following these small pieces of advice, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience, knowing that polar bears, sunstroke, hypothermia, dehydration and freezing will never stop you!

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