Facts about Norway: The Svalbard Islands and art

Norway is not only a top destination for lovers of uncontaminated wilderness; here, art enthusiasts can also find something to whet their appetite. The first traces of human settlements and their primitive forms of art date back to the last ice age, and since then Norwegian creativity has continued to evolve, from rupestrian art to refined contemporary skyscrapers. But truth be told, Norwegian curiosity has explored all areas of culture. One only needs to think of a number of the names linked to these cold lands, from the artist Edvard Munch to the composer Edvard Grieg.

Screen City: the biennial which brings together art and politics

Every other autumn, the city of Stavanger fills with prominent figures from all over the world who come to present and discuss new ideas which link contemporary art to urban spaces. Now in its third edition, Screen City attracted a lot of attention in 2017 for its examination of the theme of migration and globalisation. Norwegian sensitivity and curiosity has always focused on the theme of identity transformation and climate change, and so what better language than art to explore it in a meaningful manner?

There is more than just snow: the Art Museum of Tromso

We bet that the abundant snow that covers the “capital of the Arctic”, despite the freezing temperatures, makes you want to put on your Svalbard Islands Nobile N1 Jacket and set off on a new adventure, either on snowshoes or a dog sled. But the city of Tromso offers much more, and there are plenty of alternatives for those who want to relax and enjoy a morning of culture. The Art Museum of Tromso, for example, with its collection of Sami artefacts, will respond to all your doubts or curiosities regarding Norway.

Art at the end of the world: Kunsthall Svalbard

What can the cultural panorama offer those who find themselves in these lands? Here is one final Norwegian fact that might surprise you. The prestigious award of Museum of the Year was won in 2017 by the Kunsthall Svalbard. This impressive structure was built in Longyearbyen in 2015 and, in the space of just two years, has found its place in a highly competitive panorama. This is fertile ground for relations between locals and international visitors who want to explore every possible means of expressing the Great North.

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