Characteristics of the killer whale

Protagonists of films and documentaries, killer whales are the victims of a bad reputation that does not do them justice. This marvellous marine mammal is often depicted as a cruel and merciless assassin of humans or other marine animals, but the reality is quite different: let’s disprove this myth.

The most sensitive animals in Norway

First of all, very few people know that for killer whales, love is for ever. Usually, the whales live in groups of between five and forty specimens, made up of a dominant male and various females of a range of ages. The male chooses a female to which it will remain faithful for its entire life, while the other females stay within the group, forming a veritable extended family, as though they were aunts and sisters. On analysing the brains of killer whales, scientists have discovered that they possess a part of the brain which humans do not have. It is said that this part holds a form of emotive intelligence which renders them the most sensitive animals in Norway, and perhaps in the world.

The possible causes of fin collapse

If you have seen these animals in aquatic parks, one of the first characteristics that you cannot fail to notice is the slightly curved dorsal fin. According to researchers, this phenomenon occurs in males for two possible reasons: the first is in combat with other whales, and the second is caused by stress. Others maintain that it is due to old age.

Names and nicknames of the killer whale

The killer whale is also known as the orca. The origin of this name is not altogether clear. The funniest explanation is that it comes from Latin, where orca means “large-bellied pot or jar”, and was therefore probably used due to the whale’s rounded body. In Norway, it is possible to see these magnificent marine mammals from up close, both from the comfort of a boat or by diving into the sea with them. In both cases we suggest dressing in technical materials and keeping warm with our Svalbard Islands Nobile N1 jacket, which is also perfect for strolling through the city thanks to its urban style. The whales can be seen throughout the year, but it is advisable to plan snorkelling trips in January as this is the only month you can be certain of seeing them every day without worrying about the short periods of daylight.

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