Air pollution: PolarQuest2018 and the Svalbard Islands brand

PolarQuest2018, a geographical and scientific exploration around the Svalbard Islands, began on 22nd July. It started from Isafjordur in Iceland, the sailing boat NanuQ is currently crossing is the ​​Greenland Sea towards the archipelago of the Svalbard Islands where it should arrive on the 1st August. The main objectives of the mission are to search for the remains of the airship ITALIA, piloted and – even before – designed by Umberto Nobile, who died together with the aircraft during the accident of May 25, 1928, and investigate the atmospheric pollution to which all of us , aware or not, we contribute.

A mission aimed at monitoring the quantity of plastic waste at sea and awakening consciences

On 4th August a meeting will be held in the Airship Museum, with a group of descendants of the team who died many years ago. On the following days an official commemoration will take place at King’s Bay in the historic places where both the ITALIA and the Norge1 expeditions started. Both airships where designed and piloted by Umberto Nobile.

PolarQuest2018, is sustained by many prestigious institutions: the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), the Italian National Research Council (CNR), Centro Fermi and the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) of Geneva are all vehemently supporting the mission, which main goals are collecting data on atmospheric pollution and on microplastics in the sea, studying cosmic rays  and to gather data on flora and fauna.

Respecting the environment is possible: the Svalbard Islands brand proves this.

This expedition based on the love for nature and low environmental impact has found a valuable technical sponsor also in Svalbard Islands, a young clothing brand with excellent, durable and long-lasting quality and urban style, a reason for which it can be worn not only during daring missions, but also for a simple walk in the city.

Svalbard Islands proves that respecting the environment is possible: in particular the Nobile N1 jacket can be called a “zero waste garment”, perfect for any climatic variation, even the most rigid. With its purchase, in addition to the 12 months warranty, jacket reconditioning after seasonal use is granted thereby actively helping to reduce CO2 emissions, water consumption and the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Particularly worthy of note among its innovative hi-tech accessories is the multimedia pocket made of TecnostanÒ fabric, which helps reduce electromagnetic radiation to the body by 60%. It also features the ‘Porthole’, a transparent window with touch film for activating a smart watch, the ‘Ballonett’, a water-resistant, rear outer pocket with ergonomic zipper.

Soon available for purchase in shops, this new sustainable garment

During this mission, the team will have three Nobile N1 jackets for use during the sailing stage and during excursions on land and on the Arctic pack ice. Launched with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on 12th May 2018 to gather funds for production of its iconic garment, the Nobile N1 jacket, an innovative and technological jacket that will revolutionise the way of enjoying the outdoors, reached its target of €12,000. As a result, production began at the end of June and the jacket will be available for purchase in shops and on line from October.

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