May 2018


Bungee Jumping: the best places in the world

Three, two, one: time to take courage in your hands and leap into the void. Bungee jumping is an extreme sport, widespread throughout the world. But where does this desire to defy gravity originate from? Only thirty years ago, the downhill skiing champion Henry van Asch invented the modern form of leaping into midair, which was celebrated with an initiation

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Nobile N1 jacket: how we chose Crowdfunding in 3 steps

We have recently launched two crowdfunding campaigns, on Eppela and Kickstarter respectively, two of the best-known platforms in Italy and the United States, so that we can achieve our dream of producing the innovative Svalbard Islands Nobile N1 jacket, an item that will revolutionise our way of enjoying the outdoors. The campaigns, both of which will last 40 days, have

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The Svalbard Islands: history and curious facts

A journey to the ends of the world, where only nature reigns supreme. The Svalbard Islands have always exerted an unrelenting pull on adventurers and explorers in search of unforgettable experiences. Isolated in the midst of the glaciers of the Atlantic Ocean, the islands are located in the northernmost part of Norwegian territory and inhabited by polar bears and almost

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